Transport and Maintenance

Total Annual Transport

The annual transport capacity of more than 18 billion normal cubic meters of natural gas is rented out by both partners, FluxSwiss and Swissgas, for the long term.

The increase in transport to Italy is a consequence of the expansion and the supply contracts upon which it is based. Furthermore, as well as the traditional route via Germany, additional natural gas has been transported via the new pipeline from France since 2001.

Annual Maintenance Plan

The maintenence plan has only orientation meaning. Changes are always possible.



  • Exposures of the TRG1 pipeline (Rhine – Wallbach) within the Wallbach metering station due to corrosion; the exposures were performed on the Hügelheim – Wallbach section following ultrasonic pigging in 2017.
  • Expansion of the Obergesteln slide-gate valve station: Adaptation of the control system and SCADA
  • Adaptation of the SCADA system for the reverse flow and management of the changeover Replacement of insulating coupling in Wallbach



  • Implementation of the reverse flow project
  • Replacement of the control system of the Ruswil compressor station
  • Annual inspection of all slide-gate valve and control equipment in conjunction with ERI (Federal Pipelines Inspectorate)

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