Transport and Maintenance


Transportation Capacity

The transport capacities of the Transitgas system are shared between the two shareholders Swissgas AG and FluxSwiss sagl. The two shareholders manage the transport capacities of approx. 18 billion normal cubic metres from Wallbach/Germany and approx. 8 billion normal cubic metres from Oltingue/France.

The Transitgas system has been adapted in 2017 to transport volumes from GriesPass/Italy to Switzerland, Germany and France.

Annual Maintenance Plan

The maintenence plan has only orientation meaning. Changes are always possible.


  • Implementation of the Green Project at the compressor station in Ruswil (to avoid methane emissions into the atmosphere)
  • Various excavations and integrity checks after the piggings performed in 2019
  • CHARM tightness checks of the entire pipeline
  • Integrity checks of tunnels and maintenance works
  • Implementation of Aare river bank protections in Riebgärtli
  • Preparation of the TRG21 Aare crossing via HDD project in Obergösgen

Transitgas SA