Attraction and Sustainability on Lake Brienz

Transitgas AG is bolstering sustainable development in the Brienz region by supporting a visionary project by Sportbahnen Axalp Windegg AG called "E-lisabetha – Electric Shuttle Boat on Upper Lake Brienz."

The municipality of Brienz is nestled along the shores of Lake Brienz in the Bernese Oberland. The village is surrounded by a stunning mountain landscape and boasts attractions such as the promenade, the lake, Rothorn, and Axalp, which draw many visitors.

Elisabetha Grossmann

Sustainability in Axalp – A Climate-Friendly Winter Sports Area

Nachhaltigkeit Axalp – ein klimafreundliches Wintersportgebiet

The snow-poor and warm winter of 2022/2023 highlighted the need for winter sports areas to offer alternative attractions to ensure their future. In light of this, the board of directors of Sportbahnen Axalp Windegg AG formulated a sustainability strategy comprising seven projects. Just one year after developing the strategy, the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine project was implemented, and now the launch of the first electric shuttle boat on Lake Brienz is underway.

Boat Ahoy as of Summer 2024

Boot Ahoi ab Sommer 2024

The investment costs for the electric shuttle boat posed a financial challenge for the Axalp winter sports area. Thanks to Transitgas AG, the Swiss Federal New Regional Policy (NRP), and other sponsors, the project can become a reality. This offering is not only an enhancement for the residents and tourists in Brienz but also an opportunity to create year-round jobs for the employees of Sportbahnen Axalp Windegg AG.

The electric shuttle boat will operate in the upper Lake Brienz basin, running from Brienz train station to Camping Aaregg, then continuing to the Giessbach and Lindellen piers before returning to Brienz station. The shuttle boat is designed for ten passengers and will mainly be in operation during the summer. If all goes according to plan, it will be christened in the summer of 2024, bearing the name of the renowned boatwoman of Brienz, Elisabetha Grossmann, born on December 14, 1795, in Brienz. She was a well-known Swiss boatwoman on Lake Brienz and one of the most famous women in the Bernese Oberland in the early 19th century.

Project Selection from Numerous Grant Applications

Auswahl des Projekts aus einer Vielzahl von Förderanträgen

The “E-lisabetha” project was selected by Transitgas AG through a criteria-based process, with external consultation. The decision was influenced by the well-founded sustainability strategy, the compelling project concept, and its connection with ecological, economic, and social sustainability in the Brienz region. Furthermore, the project is innovative and has a visionary aspect in terms of using electric propulsion on waterways. Transitgas AG is delighted to contribute to this initiative and deepen its collaboration with Sportbahnen Axalp Windegg AG, the municipality of Brienz, and the region.

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