E-lisabetha is Shipped and Ready for Lake Brienz!

Nine months ago, we announced the exciting news that the E-lisabetha, the innovative electric shuttle boat, would soon be operating in the upper basin of Lake Brienz. Today, we are thrilled to inform you that the E-lisabetha has been successfully shipped and is now available on Lake Brienz upon request!

A heartfelt thank you to Sportbahnen Axalp Windegg AG for the fantastic collaboration and the implementation of this impressive sustainability project. We are proud to sponsor this environmentally friendly mode of transport and are excited to see our logo on the E-lisabetha as it traverses Lake Brienz.

Our support for such sustainability projects underscores our commitment to making positive changes in society, the environment, and the economy. At Transitgas AG, we are always striving to improve our regions and promote sustainable solutions.

SEI Elisabetha Brienzersee
SEI Elisabetha Brienzersaee Projekt

Successful Participation in Cyber Europe 2024

We are pleased to announce that our team successfully participated in the Cyber Europe 2024 exercise and received a certificate for our involvement. Organized by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), this exercise provides a unique platform to test and enhance our cybersecurity skills under realistic conditions.

During the exercise, we had the opportunity to fend off complex cyber-attacks and refine our response strategies in real-time. This intense and hands-on experience has strengthened our team and heightened our awareness of the importance of cybersecurity.

We are proud of our team’s performance and the valuable insights gained from this exercise. A heartfelt thank you to all team members for their hard work and dedication. We are confident that this experience has better prepared us for future challenges and that we can incorporate this knowledge into our daily tasks.

2024 Certificate of participation Cyber Europe

The Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 turned Europe’s gas supply and that of Switzerland upside down. The supply had to be reorganised within a very short space of time. This continues to pose major challenges for the Swiss gas industry with it.

(Report in German/French)

Herausforderung sichere Gasversorgung

Accident prevention – Snow Village ski day with SUVA – Transitgas employees in Meiringen Hasliberg

At Transitgas AG’s SUVA snow sports day, employees not only enjoyed their time on the slopes – they also learned about the forces that act on bones, muscles and joints during a downhill run.

(Video in French)


Topic: Hydrogen and the Plan for the Pipeline Network in Europe, Ennio Sinigaglia (CEO Transitgas AG) provides a statemen


«Wochen-Zeitung für das Emmental und Entlebuch»

Transitgas at work

Gas pipeline under strict supervision (broadcast in French)


The Swiss gas pipeline is a dubious trump card


Theme week “Below and Above” Live, different subjects are illuminated from two different locations: Below from Innertkirchen in the mountain at the Transitgas pipeline, above from the Gotthard Pass at the high voltage power line between Ticino and Uri.