The Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 turned Europe’s gas supply and that of Switzerland upside down. The supply had to be reorganised within a very short space of time. This continues to pose major challenges for the Swiss gas industry with it.

(Report in German/French)

Herausforderung sichere Gasversorgung

Accident prevention – Snow Village ski day with SUVA – Transitgas employees in Meiringen Hasliberg

At Transitgas AG’s SUVA snow sports day, employees not only enjoyed their time on the slopes – they also learned about the forces that act on bones, muscles and joints during a downhill run.

(Video in French)


Topic: Hydrogen and the Plan for the Pipeline Network in Europe, Ennio Sinigaglia (CEO Transitgas AG) provides a statemen


«Wochen-Zeitung für das Emmental und Entlebuch»

Transitgas at work

Gas pipeline under strict supervision (broadcast in French)


The Swiss gas pipeline is a dubious trump card


Theme week “Below and Above” Live, different subjects are illuminated from two different locations: Below from Innertkirchen in the mountain at the Transitgas pipeline, above from the Gotthard Pass at the high voltage power line between Ticino and Uri.