Date: 1st September 2023

European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) welcomes New Member: Transitgas AG joins the Journey Towards Clean Energy Future

In a significant stride towards a sustainable energy landscape, Transitgas AG has officially become a member of the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB), a pivotal initiative driving Europe’s transition to cleaner, greener energy solutions.

The European Hydrogen Backbone is elated to welcome Transitgas AG on board, recognizing the company’s commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future. As part of the EHB network, Transitgas AG will collaborate with fellow members to accelerate the development of hydrogen infrastructure, enabling the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy source.

EHB Vision 2030

EHB maps 2030

EHB Vision 2040

EHB maps 2040

Ennio Sinigaglia, CEO of Transitgas AG, shared the excitement surrounding this new venture: “It’s a great honor for Transitgas AG to be welcomed into the European Hydrogen Backbone community.”

The European Hydrogen Backbone is a collective effort to build a seamless and efficient hydrogen transport network across Europe incl. Switzerland that promotes cross-border cooperation and innovation. Transitgas AG’s participation further strengthens this collective mission and brings its expertise and resources to the table.