Solar roof for the Gass barn Project

Together with the energy cooperative and the municipality, Transitgas AG is boosting sustainability in Buttisholz

The municipality of Buttisholz is nestled in the Rottal valley in the canton of Lucerne. The village has some 3,300 inhabitants and is home to various clubs and associations. For some time now, the municipality has been addressing the future of the village, especially development of its centre.

A village committed to circular economy

Ein Dorf der Kreisläufe

The municipality is guided by the vision of becoming a village that operates according to the principle of circular economy. The aim is to enable sustainable use of resources in as many areas of life as possible through reduction, reuse and recycling. The “Gass 1911” project, with which Buttisholz is contributing to the development of an attractive village centre, is an important initiative in that context. The facilities being created include a centre for “doers” with a co-working space, a tourism project with a bed & breakfast and a cultural and visitor centre. In addition, the sale of regional products is planned. The most striking building on the roughly 10,000 m² Gass site is the barn, which dates back to 1911. The barn, alongside other buildings, is to be refurbished, repurposed and made accessible to the general public.

Solar roof for the Gass barn

Ein Dorf der Kreisläufe

The Buttisholz energy cooperative (EGB) is strongly committed to sustainable development of the centre of the municipality. It is keen to install a solar roof on the “Gass” barn with the aim of contributing to the carbon neutrality of the properties in the municipality. However, for reasons of conservation of cultural heritage and rules on preserving the character of the village, conventional, high-efficiency rooftop panels cannot be installed. Instead, the plan is to use terracotta-coloured solar tiles. They are more expensive to purchase and install, and have a lower yield since they are less efficient. In order to be able the implement the project despite those challenges, the EGB is reliant on funding contributions, which is why it applied to Transitgas AG for support in the 2021 funding cycle.

Selection of the project from 26 funding applications

Auswahl des Projekts aus 26 Förderanträgen

The “Gass 1911” photovoltaic system project was selected by Transitgas AG according to a set of criteria. The key factors in that decision were the compelling concept and integration of the project with the overall initiative for development of the village centre. Referring to the sustainability of the initiative, the project team describe a “future-friendly concept that strikes a fair balance between the interests of the current and coming generations”. Transitgas AG is delighted to be able to make a contribution and deepen its relationship with Buttisholz and the region.

Picture caption: from left to right René Ziswiler (Gass1911), Ennio Sinigaglia (Tran-sitgas), Anita Lustenberger (EGB), Bernhard Hodel (Transitgas), Frank Hoogland (EGB)