Annual Report 2022

9 The Shareholders Swissgas AG Swissgas AG, a Swiss public limited company for natural gas, Zurich, holds 51% of the share capital of Transitgas AG. Swissgas was founded on April 7, 1971. lts share capital amounts to CHF 60 million; as of January 1, 2004; the following share- holders own a stake in this share capital: Erdgas Ostschweiz AG, Zurich, Erdgas Zentralschweiz AG, Lucerne, Gasverbund Mittelland AG, Arlesheim, Gaznat SA, Lau- sanne, and the Verband der Schweizerischen Gasindustrie (Association of the Swiss Gas lndustry), Zurich. The purpose of the Swissgas network company is to transport natural gas in cooper- ation with the four regional companies in order to supply Switzerland with natural gas in all forms and to safeguard associat- ed interests in Switzerland and abroad. Furthermore, Swissgas has run the Swiss coordination office for transits in the (gas) pipeline network for years. In addition to its shareholding in Transitgas, Swissgas has transport capacity and operates its own, 260-kilometre-long high-pressure network from the delivery and metering stations along the Transitgas pipelines to the transfer stations to the regional networks. In 2022, Swissgas transported approximate- ly 21.1 TWh of gas via its own metering stations to Switzerland (approximately 8.8 TWh of which was transported via the Swissgas network to the regional networks) and approximately 3.75 TWh in transit through Switzerland.