Annual Report 2022

26 HSE In addition, the management system provides a framework for protecting the environment and responding to changing environmental conditions, in accordance with socio-economic requirements. Together with all the relevant stakeholders, Transitgas AG’s procurement department ensures that all purchased services and goods meet our company standards. Furthermore, we are committed to work together with our suppliers to develop concepts for the continuous improvement of sustainability and occupational safety along our supply chains. Human rights, health, safety and sustain- ability criteria are verified during all our purchasing activities. That includes new purchasing projects and tenders, ongoing supplier performance management and the onboarding process for new suppliers. Accordingly, processes for the management of suppliers form part of the HSE man- agement system. The HSE-System permits company activities in the context of the environment and health and safety at work to be understood and controlled better, and continuously improved by taking a process-based approach. Certification demonstrates that Transitgas AG meets all the requirements under the legal regulations and the corresponding standards. At the begin-