Annual Report 2022

16 Sustainability Redesign of the surroundings of the slide valve station in Rothenfluh incorporating ecological upgrading measures Gas pipeline and ecology, do they go together? The answer is YES In autumn 2020, a group of valves and their ancillary facilities was replaced at the valve station in Rothenfluh BL. As a final meas- ure, Transitgas AG has rethought the design of the surrounding area. The project planning primarily took safety requirements and the need for economical operation into account. No flammable objects may be installed in the explosion hazard zones (Ex zones). The gateway was widened, and the gatehouse was thermally renovated. For the ecological upgrade, all surround- ing areas were improved using seepage stones, gravel lawns, rough grassland, herbaceous borders, rock piles, branch piles, fruit trees, woody shrubbery, as well as other elements. The aim of these measures is to improve the ecological quality of the area. They will create new habitats for plants and animals and, in this way, Transitgas AG can make a val- uable contribution to increase biodiversity. The declared goal for the future is to examine all possible green areas of Transitgas AG for their existing enhancement potential and, wherever possible, to implement measures similar to those in the pilot project in Rothenfluh. The rede- sign will enhance the ecological value of the facilities and at the same time reduce the maintenance load.