Annual Report 2022

15 during the start and stop phase of the op- eration (primary seal vent) of the compression units, and about 98% of the methane during the depressurisation of the turbo compressors. This corresponds to an avoid- ance of about 54,000 Nm3 of natural gas emissions per year, which is equivalent to 997.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalents (the above figures refer to the compression units’ total operation time of 5,200 hours per year). This project represents an important step for Transitgas, which is committed to reduce the carbon footprint of all its activities. In line with the Swiss Confederation’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Transitgas, in addition to its existing sustain- ability development programmes, con- tinues to engage and increase its investment in low-carbontechnologies,aswellaslaunch- ing an aggressive campaign aiming at dras- tic emission reductions.