Annual Report 2022

11 Uniper Global Commodities SE Uniper Global Commodities SE (UGC), Dusseldorf, has a 3% stake in the share capital of Transitgas AG. Uniper is an international energy company, with its head office in Düsseldorf, that does business in over 40 countries. With a work- force numbering some 7,000 employees, the company plays an important part in safe- guarding Europe’s energy security. Uniper’s core activities include power generation in Europe, global energy trading and a diversified gas portfolio. Uniper plans to achieve carbon neutrality for its roughly 22.5 GW of installed power generation capacity in Europe by 2035. The company is already one of the largest operators of hydroelectric power plants in Europe and plans further expansion of solar and wind energy as the key to a more sustainable and independent future. Uniper is a reliable partner to municipali- ties, public utilities and industrial companies when planning and implementing innovative solutions for carbon reduction as they work towards decarbonisation of their activities. As a hydrogen pioneer, Uniper is active worldwide along the en- tire value chain and implements projects to make hydrogen usable as a mainstay of the energy supply. Uniper’s trading activities help connect global energy markets. These activities encompass the entire energy commodity supply chain in power, emission allow- ances, natural gas, LNG, coal and freight. Uniper sources, stores, transports and supplies physical commodities such as pipeline gas, LNG and coal on a global scale. Its trad- ing business also manages the risks inher- ent in its regional power and gas portfolios. Moreover, the company’s wide-ranging expertise in global commerce, existing part- nerships and international presence form the basis of extensive service packages that, in addition to systems management, can extend to the supply of raw materials and fuels, as well as the management of resources.